About Us


The Thunder Bay Historical Museum Society was created in 1908 to preserve and interpret the history of Northwestern Ontario through lectures, publications, the erection of monuments and plaques, and the preservation of documents.

The Society’s mandate has always been to serve both the city and district of Thunder Bay in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, and to preserve the history of the entire region. Today an active, efficient organization has assumed responsibilities far beyond those undertaken by its founders. The Society operates as a museum, an archives, and a historical society, and offers a wide range of programs and services in each area.

Through its exhibits, publications, collections, and programs, the Thunder Bay Museum engages with the people of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario in a spirit of openness and universal access as well as trust, freedom of expression, and debate. Our motto, “Learning Through History,” reveals our fundamental commitment to education and a dedication to the idea of a community in which citizens enjoy equal opportunity to participate in public life, culture, and an exploration of our collective past.

Located in a historic building, which once served as a police sStation and Courthouse, the Thunder Bay Museum offers visitors six galleries of local, regional and national heritage. Enjoy the permanent exhibits on the main floor, depicting the early years of Thunder Bay and Northwestern Ontario. Travelling and local exhibits that change frequently are featured on the second floor.  The Antechamber Gallery, featuring works by local artists and craftspeople; as well as a music gallery and military exhibit can be found on the third floor.


The Thunder Bay Museum is Your Place in History